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Guys, yesterday we got to pick out everything else for our house (except lighting, which we’ll do later next week – stay tuned for that update!) and spent all day dreaming about all the wonderful fixtures and finishes we’ve chosen so far. It’s pure bliss to design everything from the ground up, and, thanks to our fabulous designer, it’s been a breeze. We got the chance to pick out all our brick, stone, wood stain, paint colors, countertops (quartz! granite! yay!), plumbing fixtures (no small feat!), doors and doorknobs, mantel, and every other little detail from the concrete to the roof and it feels so nice knowing we have a couple weeks to let all the design features meld together and to make sure they’re everything we’re hoping for (and more!).

Here’s a sneak peek at our granite and some paint colors we’ve landed on:

Our advice for this stage in the selections process:


I understand it’s not always possible to take a day off from work to go tackle these appointments, but if you can do it, it’s so worth it! The chief reason this is so helpful is because when you pick out your paint colors, for instance, but not your flooring at the same time, or you forget which granite matches the drawer pulls you chose, the process will be more frustrating side than enjoyable. Right now, since we chose flooring on Wednesday and all other details yesterday, we have a great visual in our minds (and great notes to take with us wherever we go) to help everything make sense and not get overwhelming.


I can’t tell you this enough: your ideas will shift. Sometimes a lot. And it’s all good! Example: when we originally thought about our front door and interior door styles, we chose something really traditional and loved it. Saw it in multiple houses, colors, and finishes, and loved them all. Then yesterday, we both saw two options that felt like us and that we felt would look great in our home with the other selections we’ve made, so we switched gears completely. And we’re stoked, because they fit our aesthetic so much better! The bottom line: stay open to new ideas and design facets, because there are always options you didn’t think about that might look better than the original plan!


Sounds counterintuitive, but I’m only talking about upgrades here – yesterday we had the chance to upgrade any and every little detail, and we could have added an extra $100,000 to our mortgage easily just in upgrades. But like I mentioned in an earlier post, really invest in upgrades you think will make your life better, not just things that will make it prettier (though I can make an argument for a few of those things, too!). I think it’s a great idea to review your list of things you’d like to have and things you need in your home prior to each meeting to keep yourself grounded and stay on track with your budget.


And speaking of savings…Any upgrades and overages you do have aren’t cheap, so hang onto any extra money you can to throw at those things and still stay on track for closing (because not closing is not an option after you’ve invested so much, right?). It’s going to be tough to make yourself live on less to save for your dream home, but it’s already been worth it for us, so hang in there!

More house updates coming up soon – stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “SELECTIONS – PART 2

  1. Your excitement and enthusiasm really come through in your writing! I can FEEL it! Fun, fun, fun….but now I’m really curious about those doors!!!! xoxo❀️

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