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This one is probably my least favorite, but most gratifying, room to clean and organize for spring cleaning for two reasons: 1. it’s small, darker than I’d like, and fixed, so I can’t switch things around to make it more functional / pretty and 2. there’s a lot of unusable space since our house is older and our appliances are newer (front-loaders take up so much more space!). One thing I do appreciate about tidying up the laundry room is that it doesn’t take me long at all! So here’s my list for snazzying up (or at least organizing) your laundry room:

  • Wipe down all washer surfaces
  • Wipe down all dryer surfaces
  • Run a clean cycle on the washer with appropriate cleaning solution
  • Thoroughly clean out the lint-catcher in your dryer
  • Sweep the floor to remove any fuzzies / lint / etc.
  • Swiffer / mop the floor to make it clean enough for your wet clothes to fall onto (as they inevitably do!)
  • Clean key hooks and make sure only usable keys / items are available there
  • Wipe down hanger rod to remove dust
  • Remove everything from overhead cabinets and clean thoroughly
  • Remove everything on top of your washer / dryer (if you have front-loaders like we do)
  • Organize your first-aid box, your light bulbs, your batteries, your flashlights, your detergent and scent boosters, and your dryer sheets in a way that makes sense to you / you’ll use*
  • Thoroughly clean all doors and light switches
  • Replace any lightbulbs and stock up on ones you use in your home
  • Stock up on batteries / make sure you have a usable flashlight and first aid kit
  • Remove unnecessary items from the space
  • Invest in some yummy-smelling linen spray to keep in your washroom to refresh any fabrics in your home

*We have baskets on top of our dryer / washer with these items and they serve us very well there. You don’t have to store all these items there, obviously – just inspiration!

Here’s hoping this part of spring cleaning flies by! What are your favorite things to keep in the laundry room? The one in our new house will be significantly different (read: better) and I’d like to make sure it houses the most-needed / highest-recommended items.

Cheers to your spring cleaning progress!



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