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Today we had the awesome opportunity to explore and pick out our flooring, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, and carpet selections for our house. Feel free to pinch us because we feel like we’re dreaming! We took this afternoon to go pick out every tile and carpet we could imagine for our house as well as choose from some incredible backsplash tiles for the kitchen and some beautiful fireplace options. I’ll be posting progress updates of the house, but here’s a sneak peek at some of our choices:

As always, I’m here to share any helpful tidbits of advice I can to those of you who want to custom build your own homes, too, so here’s what we learned today:


This is easily the most crucial part of choosing all the anchoring design facets of your house. Take some time to explore a lot (I mean a lot) of different options from varying builders and design studios (and don’t underestimate Pinterest!) and snap pictures of everything you love. Two reasons for doing this: 1. you will quickly rule out what you don’t like and 2. you’ll find new options for your home you didn’t even know were possibilities. Then, when you come to your initial design meeting, you can quickly find things you love and narrow down your options to your favorites much more easily — just don’t forget your Pinterest boards, magazine clippings, pictures, etc.


Seriously, if there’s one thing you take away from all the house posts, it’s that what you initially fall in love with won’t be exactly what you end up with for your house (and that’s okay). It might be tough to think your kitchen won’t look just like your Pinterest board, but the good news about this is that you’ll be able to customize your choices to your taste, budget, and space. Just prepare your inspiration to be just that–inspiration– and you’ll enjoy the design process so much more, promise.


Word to the wise: it is so easy to upgrade everything. Everything from grout to basic tile to specific trim paint can be upgraded to include gold leaf and diamond dust if you like, but my advice is to truly spend your money where it matters. We limited our upgrades during this selection because we want to spend a little more on a few other things, but we decided to add a few nicer features to the master bath where we’ll spend a lot of our time getting ready. Bottom line: if you know you love it and your family will use it, upgrade it. But just don’t plan to upgrade every little detail because it can be exhausting and result in a busier-looking design than you intended!


My last little bit of advice: sleep on your choices. Some tiles you fell in love with in the studio may look different to you the next day, next week, or next month, and you don’t want to impulsively choose options that you’ll have to live with in a big way in your home. We’ve taken a few pics to hold onto while we’re getting geared up to break ground to make sure our choices have staying power.

If you’re building / renovating a home, what’s your favorite part of the process? If you’re just looking at real estate, what’s your favorite thing to explore in a home?


3 thoughts on “SELECTIONS – PART 1

  1. So much fun…and a little daunting, too! To think…..you will be living with these choices for many years to come. I know everything will be gorgeous….can’t wait to see….xoxo❤️

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