Today’s post is all about making your grocery shopping trips a breeze. If you’re like me, when you make it to the grocery store, there are ten things you add to your basket that weren’t on your list and five things you’ve forgotten (bread? milk? eggs?) that don’t make it home with you. Thus, I’ve tried my best to make shopping easy, speedy, and even a little bit fun! Here are my favorite tips:


This is the hardest part of grocery shopping for me because hello, you always need to pick up some fresh hydrangeas no matter your budget, right? Wrong. Especially if you’re saving for a car / house / baby / 10 fur babies / etc. So take a few moments to check your Everydollar budget (don’t know what I’m talking about? Learn more right here!) so you know what you can spend each shopping trip. The silver lining is that when you budget well, you usually have money left over to spend on things you want (hydrangeas) instead of feeling stretched to the max and stressed at the cash register.


I’ve said this time and again, but this seriously helps so much. I’ll share my meal planner with you soon, but it’s such a simple money-saving trick that will make your grocery experience a dream. No more wondering whether you have enough flour for your daughter’s bake sale cookies or enough baking soda for your son’s volcano experiment, promise! Take a few moments to jot down everything everyone will consume for each meal and a snack or two and you won’t miss anything when you make your list.


Once you’ve budgeted, planned your meals, and filled your car with reusable tote bags (seriously, such a time saver when you carry your groceries in!), it’s time to make your list. Be meticulous with your list and organize it so that it makes sense to you (downloadable list template coming soon!), be sure to include everything for each meal and snack, and take inventory of your pantry, fridge, and freezer as you go, and you will be amazed how little you actually need to buy.


We’re in the age of technology, which means your list is probably on your phone already, so why not download a few helpful apps to save you money while you’re shopping? Some of these take a little planning, but you won’t regret getting them when you check out. Here are my favorites!

Cartwheel App: Designed to help you pare down your list and save while you’re at it, Target’s Cartwheel app personalizes finds for your family and needs and makes it easy for you to search thousands of useful sales each week. My only advice with this one: start the process at home. You don’t want to be checking your list and checking the items on sale to make sure they align while people hurry you through the store, trust me. So just take a few minutes to locate the best deals for you before you go and you’ll be so much happier!

Savings Catcher App: If you prefer Walmart to Target, this is your app. It helps you locate sales on your receipt after you shop, so it can help you save long after you’ve brought your groceries home. Take a look if you prefer to process everything after you’ve made your way through the grocery shopping process.

CVS App: You’ve budgeted, planned, and gotten almost home when you realize you need gummy worms for your movie night – where do you go? You may not think of CVS as a grocery hub, and it definitely is on the lighter side in terms of selection, but the CVS frequent user card can save you tons and even help you score free items. Download the app or go into the store to get set up (it’s free!) and just keep using it every time you shop for great rewards.

I have meal planner and shopping list downloadables coming your way soon to make this even more efficient, so stay tuned! Hope you’re having a great week so far!



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