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As promised, here’s part two of the monster spring cleaning checklist for the living room. Like most folks, we spend almost all of our time in the living room, which makes it equal parts cozy and lived-in all the time (read: crumbs on the coffee table, out-of-date magazines, glasses, etc.). Our living room always needs the most love, especially since it makes up about half our house with a living room connected to the dining room in the front of the house and a den in the back between all the bedrooms. So we’re going to double this list (eek!) to make sure everything gets done – say a prayer! Here’s what we’re planning on doing:

  • Remove everything from shelves, drawers, tables, couches, etc. and wipe down thoroughly to dust / disinfect / clean
  • Put baking soda and/or Febreeze on pillows, blankets, and couch cushions to refresh them
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Make sure all remotes and electronics are charged / have fresh batteries
  • Make sure all DVDs / CDs / Blurays / games have the appropriate disc in their jackets; replace them in a spot that makes sense to you
  • Vacuum floors, couch(es), and chair(s)
  • Beat rugs to remove dust / dirt / grime
  • Replace old blankets, throws, pillows, and cushions that have seen better days
  • Update photos in picture frames to recent ones
  • Thoroughly clean all electronics and replace them on TV stands / mantels / etc.
  • Update smart TVs (this can take a while – why not do it while you clean?)
  • Add candles / wallflowers / wax warmers to make the space smell fresh
  • Update decor to current holiday / something classic so it has staying power
  • Dust fan, wash all glass pieces, and adjust any fans that are off-kilter
  • Replace any lightbulbs and stock up on specialty bulbs, like those over your fireplace
  • Thoroughly clean all windows – just interior for now
  • Thoroughly clean all blinds (a sock on your hand works great for this!)
  • Wash / refresh / replace all curtains as appropriate
  • Remove any out-of-place items and return them to their home
  • Recycle any old magazines / catalogs / papers collecting in your living room
  • Find a home for delicate knick-knacks

I know this can seem so daunting, so I hope having a bullet list will help you stay focused and get the most bang for your buck when it comes to cleaning. Now’s the time to really dig in and get everything sparkling so you can enjoy an awesome summer with friends and family (and for us, one final one in this house!)

I’m practicing what I preach with these posts, and after I’ve completed each room, I’m going to take a pic to make up a photo gallery of all the finished rooms. Can’t wait to share it with you! Stay with me through all the lists and I’ll share all my pics (and other tips!) when we’ve tackled the whole house! πŸ™‚

Hope you have a fabulous week!



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