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House update time! We’re getting close to our selections for our house and I wanted to share all the fun things that surround those decision-making days.


Our little addition has been steadily growing since we first decided to build there. We have about 15 houses either move-in ready, nearly completed and in landscape phase, or roofed and framed. We have a gorgeous lighted fence, a pretty stone well storage for the water feature slated to be in the center of the addition, and a lovely new sign (taken from a speedy lunch hour drive through the neighborhood, sorry for the quality):

It’s been so exciting to see people exploring the addition and breaking ground on other homes and we can’t wait to join them in just a few months!


This may not seem like a big one, but it’s going to feel so nice to have the “available” sign off our lot soon. Once we have that big ol’ sold sign, I’ll be sharing pics so you can see the lot!


So selections are the time where hubby and I go in to meet with a fantastic designer and choose every tile, fixture, paint color, and more inside and outside the house. This includes deciding on what we’ll upgrade, what comes standard, and what our general aesthetic is, and this will arguably be one of the best parts of building our own home from the ground up. I’ve started a few Pinterest boards for inspiration, but I won’t lie: this part of the process is harrowing and thrilling because there are so many moving parts. We’ve been exploring different neighborhoods we love and finding features that we’re interested in, but there are so many factors at play (cost, availability, builder limitations, design conflicts) that it’s tough to envision how everything will gel. One thing we know for sure: we love gray. Gray tile in the bathroom, gray on the walls, gray on the front door…Stay tuned for how everything turns out in just a few days!

We’ve been really focusing on spending time with our family and friends and serving as much as possible so that the days fly by, and I’ll say that it’s not a bad way to pass the time until move-in.

More detailed house posts coming soon!


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