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Guys, happy February 1st! With the start of a new month comes a fresh slate, and one I encourage you to take full advantage of. Today’s post is all about maximizing your fun, fabulousness, and functions this month, and having just lived through a month of my goal-setting, I have a few pointers that might help you avoid making mistakes that can keep you from knocking out your goals!


Step one is inevitably to get inspired, but really take the time to dream big instead of just picking tame goals you’d like to achieve. Want to run a marathon? Great! Find one and sign up to get yourself on the right path. How about opening up your own business? Gather up your notes, products, and purpose, and start building your website. Want to be a social media guru? Sign up for some classes to further your knowledge. You get the picture. Just aim for something you’d love to achieve because it’s a little scary and totally incredible, not because it’s going to be doable.


So, you’ve gotten inspired. Yay! You’re off to a great start. Now what? Make a plan and stick to it. You’ve got to take your Pinterest board and turn it into a reasonable to-do list. Break down each goal into a year-long plan to see what you can accomplish in twelve short months. So, if your goal is to save $12,000 by January 2018, you need to find a way to save $1,000 each month or come up with some extra cash to meet that goal. And that can mean making your own coffee instead of Starbucks, cutting your lawn instead of hiring someone to do it, etc. Do this with all your goals and you’ll be astounded at all you can accomplish in a short little year!


We’re all human. I’m going to keep saying it till it sinks in. Things are going to happen this year that prevent you from staying on track for your goals, and that’s okay, because we can be flexible and still achieve them, promise. Build in some lazy days in your workout schedule or plan to miss a few days of your acrylic painting practice each month so you can still enjoy the process. Your dreams will take effort to achieve, but you don’t want them to feel like work all the time (where’s the fun in that?).

I have a yummy recipe coming for you tomorrow if one of your goals is to try some new recipes, so stay tuned!



  1. I love the idea of goal-setting. It is a helpful teaching tool, as well as a great engine for personal growth and accomplishment! You’re right on target with your suggestions….love it….xoxo❀️

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