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Well, it’s been a bit since we announced we were building our house and I thought it was a great time for an update: our sweet little addition finally has a sign!
Monarch Ridge House

Since we last talked about it, we’ve been able to explore the addition, take a look at other design details, and finalize our selections dates (in March!). We’ve experienced our first hurdle: our breaking-ground date has been moved back, but not for reasons you’d think. We had a chance to meet with the building site manager, and he informed us that the homes are being built in around 4 months, so we can wait a little longer to build and still make it in during our desired timeframe, which is great and bittersweet because we want to be in the house ASAP!

We don’t have any building updates, but as we approach our selections process, I do have a few new nuggets of wisdom for you to think about if you’re considering building or renovating your home:


This has been the best way to spend our spare time while we’re building. We’ve looked at similar homes built by the same builder, totally different homes by another builder, and developing neighborhoods to better understand the incredible options available to us. We’ve found out that the original color palette for the exterior of our house (hunter green with a plum front door) isn’t quite what we’re after, but we have landed on a few light fixtures that make us sigh a breath of relief since there are so dang many options to choose from! The bottom line: don’t stop looking just because you’re building your own home. Continuing to explore will allow you to sharpen your aesthetic and keep finding little details you love that you might not otherwise think of (for instance: door handles or a pull-out trashcan).


We’ve had more than a few run-ins with other couples who are building their homes, and it seems that more often than not, they’re nearly impossible to please! Perhaps they’re having an off day (I totally get it!), but I think sometimes it’s easy for our expectations to get a little out of whack when we feel entitled to building our home and customizing everything in it. Jordan and I know what we like, what we don’t, and what we’re willing to invest for, say, a chandelier or flooring and we’re trying our best to be pragmatic above all else. So far, it’s making the process so simple, because we can relay our desires to the designer, she can help us find what we’re looking for in our price range, and everyone’s happy! Something to think about: even if you don’t get every single upgrade you’re after, you’re still choosing every detail in your home, and at the end of the day, that’s a pretty huge blessing!


Like I said, Jordan and I know what we like! Prior to our official selections with our designer, Jordan and I have walked through our plan and decided on two features we know we’re going to shell out extra for: cedar beams on the front porch and a built-in china hutch / dessert bar. These are two costly items we’ve been saving for, and two things we know will make our home functional, add to resale value, and make it more enjoyable to live in. And we’re so thrilled knowing they’ll be customized for us and something unique we haven’t really seen much of elsewhere. It’s going to be so nice adding these two fun features to our already-fabulous abode!


This goes with continuing to explore, but seriously, unless you have a major time crunch (perhaps you’re relocating for a job? Expecting twins?), really take your time with this process. Firstly, there are a ton of details to keep straight (which is why you need the binder, promise!), and secondly, you want to be able to enjoy every step of the way. You’ll want to take pictures of every stage, enjoy strolls through your neighborhood while it’s still being built (so exciting!), and visit often to see every new sidewalk and streetlamp, and you can afford that luxury when you spread out the process a bit. And trust me, I know you’ll want to be in your home as soon as possible – so do we! But we want to savor the last few months in the home we’re in, make some fun memories to take with us into the new home, and really limit our stress over the move dates.


No, I don’t mean the almighty binder (this time). I mean your current house / apartment / duplex / townhouse / basement. Keep your stuff in check now so you don’t have to worry about it later! A quick and painless way we’re packing for the new house: every passing holiday, we’re packing up all the contents in a nice container and not planning to open them again until we move. So for Christmas, we enjoyed the holidays, packed up all our Christmas decor nicely, and we’ve tucked it away knowing the next time we open it, we’ll be in our new house (eek!). If you do this for every month you’re waiting until you get in your home, odds are you can get a lot packed pretty painlessly!

That’s all for now – stay tuned for more updates coming soon!



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