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Happy Monday lovelies! It’s been a wild few days and I’m so happy to finally be back online for a second. This weekend we had the joy of volunteering for a wonderful conference called Jumpstart Your Marriage at our church, and we enjoyed every moment of getting to focus a little extra time on each other. With everything life throws at us, even shopping for groceries can be a challenge, and especially in these last few months of stress-free living in our home before we build, we’re trying extra hard to enjoy every little thing together.

Enter Jumpstart, a conference for couples all about marriage and a two-day event that literally made you drop everything to think about your relationship. And I’ve got to say, no subject was off-limits, which provided a deeper level of intimacy for every couple there. It was a beautiful thing to see couple after couple dropping off their kids for some time alone together to enjoy some seriously great messages on marriage. As I looked over my notes for the conference and thought about all the wonderful things going on in our marriage, I realized there was one word from the weekend that stood out to us both days we volunteered: cherish.

Let me explain. We’re called to love one another, love our neighbor, love our enemy, etc. The chief tenet we all follow is love, right? So when it comes to marriage, we love our spouses, sure, but we’re also called to take it one step further for that most special relationship and to cherish that person above all else. The fabulous author and guest speaker Gary Thomas (buy all his books!) drilled into this topic deeper for our sermon this past Sunday, and I have to admit, it’s a novel idea to me. Jordan and I strive to have a solid relationship in every way, and we both happily discovered we already cherish each other in a lot of ways, but that we didn’t even realize it until Gary pointed out the details to us.

So today’s short and sweet post is all about cherishing your spouse and taking that extra step to further fortify your marriage, and I encourage you to explore Gary’s work and his sermon at our church this past week – it’s eye-opening, thrilling, and a wonderful challenge to tackle.

I hope you’re having a wonderful week!



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