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Y’all, I have to be honest about something: I don’t like budgeting. Since I know many finance folks, I do know people who love their budgets with all their hearts, and bless them for it, but that’s just not me. I’d rather decorate or stock up on candles at Bath and Body Works (huge sale right now!) or test out paint colors in my spare time instead.

Last year, Jordan and I went through Financial Peace University, Dave Ramsey’s crash course on getting your finances in check ASAP, and I have to say, I love the organized plan and countless resources we received in our initial classes. It’s always daunting to tally up your debt and cut back on the fun things to even it all out, but FPU definitely inspired us to tackle the tough stuff first. But, like many of the other resolutions we set out last January, it’s taken a back seat in our lives and it’s something we’re working on this year. So, back to point one: I don’t like budgeting. Jordan does. How do we make it work? EveryDollar.

Every Dollar Screen Shot

EveryDollar is Dave Ramsey’s personal finance software that helps you enjoy the budgeting process, track your expenses with ease, and watch your debt diminish as you accomplish your financial goals. Other budget-haters like me should go check it out online to explore its incredible and powerful features and budget-lovers like Jordan will love the app that makes it so simple to track your expenses the moment they happen.

Still not convinced? Here are four awesome reasons you should budget and explore EveryDollar:


…which we all know is the hardest part. Seriously. Just enter your email and set up a password, verify your account, and you’re good to get started with your budget. The initial categories are designed to work with Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, but you can modify them to suit your needs. For instance, we add a birthday or holiday expense each month with a varying amount so we can make gift-giving or feast-making a little easier. EveryDollar kept us under our budget for Christmas, and that’s saying something since we tend to buy a lot during December.


Making a plan and sticking to it is tough no matter your circumstances, and that’s why the EveryDollar blog is so incredible. It covers every possible topic you can think of and connects you to a community of folks who have traded in their caviar for frozen salmon for the time being, too!


…not a luxury. It’s crucial to have a savings account padded for unexpected expenses, like when your car breaks down or you have to head to the ER for stitches trying a new knife technique in the kitchen. It’s also responsible to know exactly where your money is going so you can make it work for you, not the other way around. Since we’ve been really thinking about our budget and purposing our money to big things (such as a house and a family-friendly SUV), we’ve found we have a little extra to tithe each month and to share, which certainly fools us into thinking we’ve got adulting down so far.


No, really. It takes about three months of active budgeting and expense tracking before you’ve worked out the kinks in your planning, but once you do, you’ll be surprised how much you look forward to knowing where every dollar will go and you might even get anxiety not doing the budget – you never know!

I hope you’ll explore all the awesome resources Dave Ramsey has to offer – they will really shift your thinking and revolutionize your daily spending, promise!



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