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Y’all, coming back from the indulgent long holiday weekend has been extra rough today. No house shoes, no Netflix, and back to the grind (coupled with staying up to watch my Sooners win the Sugar Bowl) makes for a Tuesday that feels an awful lot like the Mondays we usually dread.

But since it’s a fresh new year and aspirations for productivity are higher than ever, I’m determined to make the most of today by way a of a few easy hacks that always put me on the right track to knocking out my to-dos and I hope they help you, too!


This is number one for a reason. If your desk is piling up with Christmas candy, reports, notes, pens, and all sorts of office supplies, take a moment to take inventory of everything and put it in its place. It’ll make your work day go a lot smoother and bonus, you’ll be prepped for a productive week (or longer, if you can keep everything sorted out!).


Just because you have twelve Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers in your desk and you use them twice an hour doesn’t mean everyone does. Make time to run a Clorox wipe or some Lysol spray over your desk, computer(s), phone, door, light switches, the arms of your desk chair, and all your drawer fronts and make this a priority if especially if you’re in a shared office space. As little as you want to think about it, it’s still flu season and the last thing you want is to get sick first thing in the new year!


You’ve seen this one over and over in every “how to be productive at work” article ever because it completely works. Take a second and download an app, make a spreadsheet, or jot down your must-do items for today and then stick to them! I love Evernote and Trello for my day-to-day task management – they’re so customizable and so straightforward that you won’t spend forever getting them started!


Now that you’ve made your list, pick the toughest, gnarliest task first and do everything you can to get that one thing done well today. If that means shutting off email for a while, unplugging your phone, putting in headphones, or an extra cup of coffee, do whatever you need to do to accomplish that task and you’ll feel so wonderful when you cross it off. (PS – getting to inbox zero is a great task to do when you’re returning from time away since you’ll likely have a ton of emails you need to respond to and sort, so get started there if you’re overwhelmed!)


Really! I know you’re returning from vacation / holiday / PTO time and thus have appropriately treated yourself already, but enjoying your favorite lunch or coffee order, picking up a new planner, getting your nails done, or whatever tickles your fancy will make the first day back so much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to take advantage of after-Christmas sales if you’re back to budgeting (good for you!) but still want to indulge a bit.


It always feels great to switch up your desktop and what better time than when you’re getting organized and prepped for a great week? I love Candidly Keri’s downloadables because they’re gorgeous, minimal, and really make your desktop look like a work of art, but you can always find a few great ones on Pinterest too!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!



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