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Pictured: our very own lot and our utter excitement

We’ve been holding onto a pretty big secret for a little while now and we’re so excited to finally share it with you: Jordan and I are building our dream house this year!

This whole process started with an earthquake that shook up our thinking (and our current home) because honestly, we love the home we’re in and we were planning to be here for a while. With every developing fracture in the concrete and sheetrock and every lazy Sunday we spent exploring new neighborhoods around us, Jordan and I knew we wanted to eventually build our own home, but we didn’t know any specific details.

Being the planning types we are, we started collecting floor plans that made sense to us, exploring designs that felt like home, discussing the pros and cons of local school districts, choosing an aesthetic we agreed on, and gathering inspiration and paint chips by the pound as often as we could (pro tip: when you start collecting paint chips, simultaneously start a Pinterest board with ways to repurpose them when you’re done, because you will not find another use for the 11 hues of blue you will inevitably collect. Promise.).

Then, one quiet Sunday afternoon after looking and looking at fixer-uppers and new construction until our heads were spinning, we found a developing gem of a neighborhood tucked away in a wonderful location near our family. As soon as we walked the neighborhood and explored the plat, we knew this could be home.

And a couple of weeks later, after meeting designers, builders, contractors, financial advisors, and mortgage experts, we’re starting the process of creating something we love from the ground up and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve reserved our lot, paid the down payment, and settled on a plan that’s being customized for our individual desires right now and it’s truly been one of the most enjoyable processes ever.

Some tips we’ve gathered up so far:



Take some time to really dream about your future home. Obviously you’ve pictured something outrageous and out of reach, but even the outrageous things will help you better understand your style, aesthetic, and what you’re really looking for in a home. As you undergo this process with all the tedious details and stressors, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and start paring everything down just to get everything completed and move-in ready. But if you make a moment to meditate on what would make your home amazing and customized to your tastes, you’ll be surprised to discover that much of what you’re looking for is within your reach. Plus, how else will you come up with a color scheme no one else is trying or a front door color that’s just right? (We love exploring color via the Sherwin Williams site).


Remember my comment about the mound of paint chips earlier? Trust me, you definitely want somewhere for all your inspiration to live, and what better place than a binder you can tote around with you to appointments? Throughout the home building and buying process, you’ll collect crucial financial documents, floor plans, notes, and magazine clippings and you’ll enjoy the process so much more if you have a central repository for everything instead of scrambling before every appointment with your designer / builder / mom / etc.


You’re definitely ready for change if you’re building a home and planning to move. But you should also be prepared to love certain things about the home that may eventually have to go or be ready to add on items that will make your home better than you expected at a moment’s notice. While it’s difficult to see while you’re negotiating your island length or whether you want a mud bench or a sink in your utility room, what’s really neat about all the little details you’ll be working through is that they add up to make a home that is unique to you in almost every way.


When we embarked on this amazing journey, Jordan and I found ourselves asking the tough questions: is this the right time? The right neighborhood? The right financial move? It’s so easy to talk yourself out of this decision because it’s a monumental and challenging one, but the best way to ease your mind is to understand it’s already in God’s hands. Talk about it because it’s all so exciting, but at the end of the day, pray about it and the details will just fall into place for you if it’s the right move to make.


We’re through with the initial nail-biting phase which included taking the plunge and reserving our lot, choosing a floor plan, getting pre-approved for our mortgage, and taking the appropriate financial steps to prepare for this process, and we’re getting ready to do the fun stuff: selections (more on that soon!). But really cherish each step of the way because you’ll never do the process the exact same way again in your life and it really is so much fun to choose every facet of your home. Sure, there are plenty of challenges (Bedrock to break down? Upgrades that cost more than you thought?), but when you find a builder you trust and connect with, a designer you are thrilled to work with, and a sales associate who has your best interest at heart, you get to really focus on the enjoyable aspects of building.

We’re so thrilled to share all of this with you and will keep you updated as we move through this process!

Here’s to kicking off 2017 right! Happy New Year!


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