Hints and Hacks

Hints & Hacks: You’re a Gem

Some of you know that my hubby and I will be moving into a house in October and we’re so excited to have a place with a little more space (okay, a lot more space). One of the major perks of our house is going to be the ability to purpose one of the spare bedrooms as an office / study / homework cave / bill-paying-station, and I couldn’t be happier to start decorating! Thus, this blog post is all about gorgeous office accessories inspired by all things that glitter!

Gem Thumbtacks



These little lovelies are perfect for those of you who love sparkly things but want a little bit of industrial, urban edge, or for those of you who, like me, can’t get enough faceted crystal in your life! Add them to your memo board or just keep a few in a pretty dish on your desk for a cheery update on an office staple. You can pick some up by clicking the photos above.


Gem Prints





These are obviously up to your taste, but I found a few that I thought would look lovely together, mixed in with gallery wall items, or on their own! Whether you lean one up on your desk, frame it, or hang it on your wall, a gem print is the perfect addition to any office! You can buy the topaz, gems, citrine, or vintage gem prints above by clicking the print you love!


Crystal Gem Pens


These fabulous pens look beautiful on their own, atop a pretty notebook, or in a pencil cup on your desk. They’re just perfect for jotting down notes and inspiration, and they make a lovely gift for all your list-making friends! Get them here.


Gem Magnets


Jazz up your fridge (or wherever you hang notes up) with these awesome magnets! They’re pretty, polished, and functional, and what Type-A list-maker doesn’t love that? Pick some up here!


Gem Lamp


If all these gems aren’t enough for you (no judgment!), then pick up one of these wonderful lamps to make your desk look even more fabulous! This industrial, understated take on a classic desk accessory makes it the perfect choice for any office and any style!


Let me know what you think!

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