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Monday Motivation: Art to Take With You

Happy Monday!

Today’s long overdue Monday Motivation is all about art, and specifically, how to get and stay inspired on the go!  Take a look at some fabulously inspiring art to favorite, share, and keep with you wherever you go!


TED Talks on Art

TED Talks never disappoint in the encouragement and motivation categories, and this talk is one of my favorites. Take a few moments to watch it when you’re experiencing writer’s block, you’re intimidated by that blank canvas, or you just want something whimsical to brighten your day!


Metropolitan Museum of Art Online

If you have a hankering for art but also have a demanding schedule that prevents you from visiting the art museum as often as you like, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Online is for you! With thousands of works of art in a variety of mediums available with a swipe or a click, you’ll run out of time to look at all the pieces before you run out of inspiration!


Chihuly Website

I’m very, very biased on this one because I was fortunate enough to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art when I was in high school, but if you haven’t had a moment to look at some of Chihuly’s works, you’re seriously missing out. The color and shape of many of his pieces are astounding – you’ll want to bookmark this page to come back to it again and again!


@KarenRobinovitz on Instagram

Seriously one of the most inspiring Instagram’s I’ve ever seen, Karen Robinovitz posts some truly incredible photos of artwork and architecture that will inspire you daily. Do yourself a favor and follow her – her account is one you’ll find yourself waiting for every day!


Let me know what you think!

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