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Color Crush: Olive

Today’s Color Crush is a bit unexpected and the perfect fall neutral: olive. Its cool shades play well with navy, black, and gray, and its warmer tendencies look awesome with magenta, plum, crimson, white, cream, and camel, too. My personal favorite combo is blush and olive for both your home and your wardrobe, because it sharpens and toughens up pretty pink. Take a look at some of my picks for olive pieces in your wardrobe and home below!

For Your Wardrobe


Olive by katy-long featuring an analog watch

Olive is the perfect color for the transitional months because it works well with every other color in your wardrobe and it’s incredibly layerable in general. Pick up a few pieces like a cheeky bag or a pair of green sunnies to make your early fall outfits a little more crisp, and if you want to go all-in with the shade, pick up a dress or some sharp booties to turn the shade up all the way! If you’re unsure how to wear it, pick up a pretty necklace or scarf to ease into it!


For Your Home


You may feel like olive in your home looks a little bit dated (70s color of choice, anyone?), but with sleek lines and cheeky details, olive can look extremely fresh and modern. Add a few olive pieces to bring in the autumnal palette if you’re not quite ready to pull your pumpkins out, and go big with a pretty couch or storage ottoman when you’re ready to commit to the shade. Since olive plays well with pumpkin, goldenrod, and crimson shades, you’ll be able to enjoy it all season and it’s the perfect foundation to build the rest of your decor from.

How do you wear / incorporate olive?


Let me know what you think!

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