Hints and Hacks

Hostess Hacks: Evites

With all the holidays, parties, birthdays, and fabulous get-togethers fall brings, it’s a good idea to have some tricks up your hostess sleeve to make your life easier and help you focus on the fun stuff, like actually planning the party.

Enter online, paperless invitations, or evites. All you need is an email, a few deets about the event, and your list of guests, and you’re set. (Really.) Not only can you tailor and customize your invitations to include RSVP options, mailable options, and all sorts of decorative details, but many of them are completely free and green! What better way to connect with your digital crowd (which, let’s be honest, includes most of us these days) than through their obsessively-checked email accounts?

Evite has a ton of great options, and my personal favorite is Paperless Post. You can send gorgeous save-the-dates, fabulous thank you notes, beautiful birthday cards, and a ton of event invitations (if you can think of the event, there’s an invitation for it. Trust me.). Once you’ve created your invitation, you can schedule it to be sent at an exact time and date, and then you can manage your RSVPs, follow up with your guests, answer questions via their messenger option, and set an event reminder to make sure your guests don’t forget about your party / event / whatever.

Gather up your list of events and start creating!


Let me know what you think!

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