Hints and Hacks

Hints & Hacks: Polished for Fall

For those of you who can’t wait for cooler weather to break into your fall wardrobe, today’s post is for you! We all want to break out the vests, scarves, and booties, but it’s just not quite time yet. What better way to ease into autumnal dressing than with your digits? Take a look at some polish-and-bauble pairings that are sure to satiate your need for fall accessories until the weather cooperates.


polished by katy-long featuring a red ring

Whether you prefer the opulent or the everyday, the heirloom vintage or more modern, edgy or elegant, these polishes and cocktail rings won’t disappoint. Plus, you’ll wear them all season and odds are you’re already gravitating towards your favorite colors or something you’re excited to try. My faves are the vampy oxblood and blushy mink polishes and rings – what are yours?


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