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Hints & Hacks: 8 Fall Recipes You’ll Swear By

Fall is just around the corner and with classes starting back for everyone soon, I’m thinking about quick, easy, and delicious meals for those first few cold snaps. Take a look at some recipes you’ll use over and over in the colder months because they’re so simple and yummy!


1. Eggplant Parmesan

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.47.05 AM

I’ll be posting my recipe soon as Eggplant Parm is on my menu this week, but I love this recipe for its convenience. Eggplant parmesan is a great dish if you want the cheesy deliciousness of chicken parm, but you’re looking for a vegetarian alternative, and it’s way easier to make than you think! Plus you have the option to bake the eggplant if you want a hands-off approach, or you can pan-fry it (my choice), which slashes your cooking time almost in half!

Gimme Some Oven has some awesome recipes!

Check out the recipe here.


2. Pumpkin Bread

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.45.48 AM

If there’s one fall recipe I absolutely love, it’s this one! Pumpkin bread is so easy to make, especially with the rise of boxed mixes, and makes a wonderful breakfast, snack, or hostess gift item. You can, of course, create many variations on the recipe with your favorite ingredients, but I love the simplicity of the pure pumpkin bread.

I love Tastes of Lizzy T’s blog and recipes!

Check out the recipe here.


3. Crock Pot Roast


As you may have seen on the blog already, I’m a big fan of Crock Pot recipes because they make cooking complicated meals so much easier, and my favorite among them is the Crock Pot Roast recipe my Mama and Grandma shared recently.

If you want my recipe, hints, and hacks, check it out here.


4. Pumpkin Pancakes with Cinnamon Cream

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.44.12 AM

I’ll never forget the time my besties and I had an autumn brunch while we were in college and got crafty with our breakfast selections. I whipped up some pumpkin pancakes, which were delightful on their own, but then I made whipped cream with cinnamon and a splash of maple syrup and they went to the next level. Give it a try if you’re looking to put a new spin on the classic fall recipe.

Kitchen Treaty has a wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes (and many others)!

Check out the recipe here.


5. Beef Stew

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.41.49 AM

This is my hubby’s fall / year-round essential recipe (perhaps he’ll make it soon so I can share with you!) and one that is truly wonderful by itself or with some cornbread for texture. You’ll love how easy and inexpensive it is to make and how many servings one recipe yields!

Thanks to Gonna Want Seconds for this yummy recipe!

Check out the recipe here.


6. Cranberry Butter

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.40.06 AM

This is one Thanksgiving recipe I tried last year as gifts for my fam, and it got rave reviews! Whether you put it on your favorite toast or use it in a savory dish, you’ll love it! Plus, it’s super easy and quick to make and it lasts forever!

Check out Play Eat Grow for more yummy recipes like this!

Check out the recipe here.


7. Spaghetti Squash

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.38.54 AM

Those of you who know me know I can eat Spaghetti Squash at least once a week, if not more, because it’s filling, healthy (depending on how much cheese and sauce you add to it!), and way faster to make than traditional pasta. The possibilities with Spaghetti Squash are endless, but I love the traditional marinara and cheese recipe for its simplicity and deliciousness.

This recipe comes from She Wears Many Hats – it’s beautiful and delicious!

Check out the recipe here.


8. White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.36.15 AM

For those of you who can’t get enough cookies in the fall, this recipe is for you! Just replace your chocolate chips with white chocolate chips and add some dried cranberries for a chewy, tart, and sweet twist on the classic cookie.

I love this yummy recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction!

Check out the recipe here.

What are your go-to fall recipes?


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