Hints and Hacks

Hints & Hacks: 10 Ballet Pieces for Fall

As we get closer to cooler months, pumpkin flavored coffees, and autumn-inspired wardrobes, it’s easy to fall into the same black-and-plum slump year after year. And why not? They complement many colors in your wardrobe and look lovely with the crisper weather. But there are some pieces I think every gal should own, purely because of their function and primness, and they are those pieces inspired by the stage and satin pointe shoes: ballet. Take a look at some pretty pieces you’ll want to add to your wardrobe ASAP!



1. Rosy Studs

For one pair of earrings that will go with anything and polish up your everyday style, pick up a pair of rose gold and blush crystal studs. They’ll warm up your skin and look lovely no matter what you’re wearing.


2. Wrap Sweater

You can’t go wrong with this lovely off-the-shoulder sweater – it’s comfortable, warm, and feminine and will be the perfect replacement for your favorite sweatshirt.


3. Tulle Skirt

We all remember Carrie’s iconic tulle skirt in Sex and The City, and this blush alternative is much more wearable. Pair it with the wrap sweater above for the full ballerina effect, or a simple tank to dress it down.


4. Embellished Hair Ties

By now you’re already wearing two of these on your wrist, but try adding a hair tie with embellishments that will stand out among your everyday pieces.


5. Polished Tote

If you’re like me, you can’t ever have too many tote bags to carry your magazines, books, groceries, fresh flowers, etc., and I love this delicate blush color and sharp bow for a twist on the traditional tote.


6. Nude Nail Lacquer

Those of you who have danced know you can’t usually go crazy with nail polish in class, and thus, nudes and pinks become your go-to colors. These creamy Bobbi Brown nail lacquers are gorgeous on everyone and are very forgiving for ladies who are always working with their hands.


7. Bun Form

You know about the bun donuts that help you get the perfect topknot every time, but why no go for something wrapped in lace for a prettier finish? Plus, the texture of this bun form holds your hair even better and keeps your bun looking more polished.


8. Blush Lipgloss

Every lady needs a blush lip gloss in her makeup bag, and you can’t miss with this shimmery shade. It’s great for everyday use and will allow your natural lip color to shine through.


9. Black Leotard

You may think: leotard, no way, not me! But you’d be surprised how often you reach for this to tuck into your boyfriend jeans or slide a skirt over for the fall. Its sleek, stays put, and looks gorgeous on every frame.


10. Ballet Flats

This list wouldn’t be complete without ballet flats, and I had to go for these gorgeous blushy pink flats for year-round wear.

What are your ballet must-haves?


Let me know what you think!

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