Monday Motivation: Back to the Grind

Happy Monday, or as all folks going back to school know it, the last Monday of summer freedom. Today’s post is all about tackling your school to-do list with ease so you can actually enjoy your classes instead of stressing about the little details.

Plan Ahead

Do yourself the biggest favor of the semester by picking up a planner and taking the first week of classes to input all your important dates, assignments, events, breaks, and family gatherings so you know exactly what’s happening in your life every week. This will help you stay on top of your schoolwork, but also keep your stress levels down because you know precisely when your midterms are coming and what they’ll cover, plus when you’ll need to take five to pick up your mom’s birthday cake or attend your little sister’s piano recital.


Buy Healthy Snacks

We’ve all reached for that Red Bull here and there, but the truth is, you’ll do better on your assignments when you’re taking a few minutes to have a protein-packed snack. Try the always reliable celery and peanut butter, yogurt and granola, or a piece of fruit, or if you’re feeling adventurous, check out these healthy snacks on Pinterest.


Get Organized

It may seem trite to pack your bag the night before classes start like you did when you started Kindergarten, but it’s a great way to limit your stress when everything gets going the first day of class. Overpack pens, pencils, and highlighters, and don’t forget to bring something you can take notes on, your schedule, and all your classroom information. Bonus points for making sure all the devices you’ll need are charged and that your calculator has spare batteries just in case.


Dress for Success

I take to heart that you do better on your assignments and generally perform better when you’re dressed in something you feel good about (i.e. not sweatpants), so pick up a breezy dress and turn up your favorite tunes so you’re ready to take on anything.


Get There Early

Even just five minutes can be enough time for you to find your classroom, have a snack, and get yourself in the game for classes, so prepare to get to class a little bit early so you can relax and do well!

What are your musts for getting back to the grind?


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