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Back To School Essentials For Every Gal

My favorite time of the year is starting back soon (and has already started for some!): back to school. Ah, the bouquets of freshly-sharpened pencils, new notebooks, empty planners, syllabi…It’s a delightful time of year further complemented by pumpkin flavored everything, wonderful holidays, and cooler weather. All this inspired me to share a few essentials for ladies who are returning to school at every age – take a look below!

For Little Ladies

little ladies

There’s no more exciting time than pre-k, kindergarten, and elementary school, especially for parents and older siblings. Every little lady needs a first-day outfit that inspires confidence, an easy to wear backpack that’s spacious enough for all the school supplies she needs, and a fabulous lunch pail to hold all her treats and snacks!


For Middle / High Schoolers

Middle / High School

Middle and High schoolers have a unique anxiety about heading back to school due to their ever-changing bodies, schedules, and dreams. Keep things consistent and comfortable with a simple outfit, modern backpack, and cheeky accessories that help dispel first-day jitters.


For College Gals

College gal

The college gal is looking to impress both her professors and classmates, and there’s no better way to do that than to be prepared for anything. Try a comfortable shirt dress and booties for trekking around campus, pretty notebooks and pens for pop quizzes, and a water bottle that has a built in filter (why does no one refill the Brita?!).


For Grad School Girls

Grad School

Grad School ladies have to be ready for anything, including pop quizzes, leading class, presentations, workshops, conferences, and multiple-hour-long classes. These hardworking gals need something comfortable and polished in terms of ensemble, and tough technology that can stand up to serious schedules and assignments. Keep it all organized with an expandable tote and you’re ready for anything!

What are your back to school must-haves?


One thought on “Back To School Essentials For Every Gal

  1. You may be a Grad School Girl now, but I can’t help myself….I am most interested in your “Little Ladies’ things! How precious! Oh, how you have always loved this special time of year….from the very early grades! You captured every age quite well in this one….loved your blog, as always! xoxo Grammy

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