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Color Crush: Lapis of Luxury

In another installment of the Color Crush series, I wanted to tackle something you can incorporate and invest in that will look lovely year-round, no matter your decor and personal style. Enter lapis, the lovely gold-flecked cobalt blue that plays well with any other color in the spectrum. Its richness lends it well to your darker fall ensembles, and its brightness makes it the perfect summer playmate for your neons, whites, and camels. Take a look at some inspiration for your closet and home below!


For Your Closet


You can’t miss with these gorgeous pieces! If you’re shy about the shade, pick up a pair of sunnies or a bag to try, and if you’re wanting bolder color, grab a lapis eyeshadow or dress for maximum impact. Lapis looks awesome on every complexion and complements any wardrobe!


For Your House


One of my favorite ways to style with lapis is in the home, because it’s a quick way to update your decor and you don’t need much to blow your house guests away. If you want a small dose of the color, grab a throw pillow or candle, and if you’re wanting something more intense, order this amazing couch to add to the mix.

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!


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