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Color Crush: Aquamarine

Today’s post is short, sweet, and packs a punch in the Color Crush series. What better time than in the absolute hottest days of the summer to showcase a refreshing palette of cool blues, shimmery turquoises, and glimmering greens? Take a look at some ways you can incorporate aquamarine into your wardrobe and decor.

For Your Wardrobe


Aquamarine is breezy, casual, and glamorous all at once and it’s the perfect default color for your summer wardrobe. If you want to just dip a toe in the aquamarine pond, try a coat of nail polish or a pretty ring, and if you want to go bolder, slip on a gauzy dress and a swipe of aqua eyeshadow!


For Your Home


No matter your current decor, odds are aquamarine will complement your style and add some brilliant color to your home. Try it in small doses via candles, vases, and pillows; go bolder by investing in a piece of furniture like this gorgeous couch!

What do you think about aquamarine?


2 thoughts on “Color Crush: Aquamarine

  1. I have really enjoyed your “Color Crush” series! All are my faves, especially the Coral and Aqua for Summer! BTW, all of these are beautiful on you! Love you…xoxo

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