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Color Crush: Garnet

This week’s color crush is one you’re probably not thinking about yet, because it’s traditionally associated with rich autumn landscapes and hot cider. But garnet is a surprisingly versatile color to incorporate year-round, and it looks stunning on every skin tone for any occasion. Take a look at these gorgeous garnet pieces for your makeup drawer, your jewelry box, your closet, and your home!


For Your Makeup Drawer

garnet beauty


Everyone associates the garnet lip with colder months, but take a look at these fabulous eyeshadows, mascaras, liners, and balms – whether you want shimmer or matte finishes, these pieces will not disappoint. Not only does the rich garnet color make your teeth look whiter and your eyes pop, but it also warms up your skin in an eye-catching way. If you’re unsure how you feel about a full face of garnet, try a swipe of garnet eyeliner; if you want to go bolder, amp up your eyes with some shimmery eyeshadow.


For Your Bauble Box

garnet baubles


Perhaps the most eye-catching way to incorporate garnet into your everyday wear is through your jewels, and these stones speak for themselves. Whether you’re going for understated, glamorous, or edgy, garnet is a great way to go. I especially love the garnet engagement ring for those ladies who want something a little out of the ordinary!


For Your Wardrobe

garnet clothes


Garnet is a beautiful color for everything from a crop top to a cocktail dress, and I think it works year-round. Bolder ladies can deck themselves out in garnet from head to toe, while ladies who are more shy about the shade can start small with a pair of shoes or a clutch. An awesome fact about the shade is that the richness of the color looks beautiful with varying textures, so go for a glossy bag, soft sweater, or airy maxi for maximum impact.


For Your Home

garnet home


This decor choice is not for the faint of heart; adding garnet to your home is best in small doses. Try a pretty print, elegant dishes, or a pair of vintage chairs to add a little glam to your home. And don’t forget about enhancing the effect of your garnet pieces with a few red roses throughout – they’ll have a light and refreshing effect on the opulent shade.

What do you think about garnet? Too rich or just right?


Let me know what you think!

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