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Monday Motivation: Love You More

Two years ago, the most precious, handsome, and wonderful man I’ve ever met took me out for the last first date of our lives. It was exciting and wonderful, and it was the greatest start to the rest of our lives together. It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for 240 days and we’re just as happy today as when we went on that first date. With all our vast experience as newlyweds, there are some things we’d recommend to find the wonderful every day:

  • Don’t be afraid to be goofy. Some of my favorite memories with Jordan are when we get lost driving somewhere and fall into a giggling fit, when we do silly things around the house while we’re doing chores, when we sing loudly in the shower and get caught…You get the picture.

  • Enjoy the little things. Cliche, sure, but it’s utterly true. Something I cherish each week is taking time to go grocery shopping and out to lunch after church on Sundays. They’re such small things in the grand scheme, but we always have a blast planning out our meals and organizing when we get home, and trying something new for lunch together. There are no mundane tasks with us, and that’s the best part!

  • Really lean on each other. This is a hard one, because more often than not, people don’t want to rely on another person. But taking a step back to talk through an issue, ask the tough questions, or just take a minute for an extra long hug can make all the difference in how you view the issues you encounter in your lives together.

  • Never stop trying. Whether it’s date night, making up new traditions, or bringing your honey a snow cone or flowers or whatever he or she likes, you’ll never regret taking the time to show your S.O. how much he or she means to you. It’s wonderful to appreciate your spouse in the little moments, too, and not just in the heavy-hitters like anniversaries and birthdays.

Happy 1st date anniversary, honey! I love you!

K + J


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