Hints and Hacks

Hints and Hacks: Back to Basics

If you’re looking to give your wardrobe a lift, look no further: today’s post is all about refreshing your basics. We all know that crisp white, camel, black, and lipstick red rock no matter the occasion, but keep yourself out of the bland wardrobe rut and try adding a few new (exciting! colorful!) pieces into your collection. Here are my picks!


Instead of Black, Try: Navy


We all love the versatility and crispness of black: it’s simple, pretty, and easy to wear with anything. But black’s preppier and more cheerful sister, navy, is just as versatile, and looks lovely on all skin tones. And since we’ve banished the no-mixing-navy-and-black fashion rule, you can even mix your favorite basics for an even fresher, edgier take on your everyday pieces. Navy pairs well with all of your favorites and can seriously liven up your closet!


Instead of White or Camel, Try: Blush


blush by katy-long featuring Stila

It’s no secret that I love blush; it’s sophisticated, romantic, and gorgeous no matter what. While I love bright whites and creamy camels as much as the next gal, I think adding blush to your wardrobe is always a wonderful choice. Blush is every bit as versatile as white or camel, and plays well with other basic colors or even brights (for instance, neon salmon or highlighter pink). If you’re shy about making the switch to the other basics here, add a blush top or shift to your collection and see how often you reach for it.


Instead of Red, Try: Pink


I get it. Red is powerful and passionate, and helps you stand out in a crowd. But so does a gorgeous shade of punchy pink. Pink is every bit as mighty, and I find that it goes with more of my closet than red. Pink can be prim, preppy, pretty, or punk, and can seriously brighten up your complexion. If there’s one color I think everyone should own (and I mean gentlemen, too), it’s pink. Try it in an oxford shirt if you’re concerned about the professional factor, or pick up a gorgeous bag to swap with your basic black, white, or camel. You won’t regret it!

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