Monday Motivation: Get It Together

Happy Monday! With holidays, events, get-togethers, and gatherings jamming up our calendars from now until, well, always, it’s crucial to have some way to keep track of everything from your dentist appointment to Christmas cocktail parties. Today’s post is short, sweet, and simple, so you can get right to planning!


For the Tech-Savvy Ladies

For tech-savvy (read: tech-reliant) ladies, my top three choices for staying on task are iCal, Google Calendar, and Sunrise Calendar.



iCal features Apple’s gorgeous sleek design and keeps things distraction-free and is awesome for gals who carry around a phone, tablet, and/or laptop, because you can sync all the calendars or maintain different ones for different purposes.


Google Calendar

You can’t lose with Google Calendar: from color-coded events to custom reminders to easy event invitations and plugins, Google Calendar can do it all. If you prefer to keep things isolated within an app, Google Calendar will work nicely for you across a variety of platforms, like iCal will. Google Calendar is awesome for busy moms who are trying to keep many calendars going at once, because you can import other calendars (for instance, your parents’, your husband’s, and your kids’) to keep everything straight.


Sunrise Calendar

Want a happy medium between sleek, gorgeous design and workhorse capabilities? Check out the Sunrise Calendar app for beauty and functionality. Like iCal and Google Calendar, it works on any platform and is awesome for ladies who juggle it all.


For the Traditional Ladies

Traditional planners can’t go wrong with a pretty planner and pen. Here are some of my favorites!


Kate Spade

For the prim, polished, and polka-dot sporting ladies, give Kate Spade planners and desk accessories a try. Kate Spade sticks true to bright color, metallic accents, and bold patterns that will liven up anything they’re around, plus the planners feature clean design, notes sections, and a cheeky quote to start each month.



Ladies who appreciate durability and leatherwear that ages beautifully should check out Coach for their agenda needs. You can design a larger folio or a pocket agenda with as much or as little functionality as you need. Plus, all you have to do is refill the pages, which can be a more economically-friendly choice in the long run.


Lilly Pulitzer

This list wouldn’t be complete without the coveted Lilly Pulitzer agendas. With beautiful prints, fun colors, and a playful attitude, Lilly planners are perfect for the girl who does it all and still has time for more. Plus, these ladies know their agendas: Lilly planners feature stickers and a heavy-duty pocket in the front for your important social events.

Let me know what you think!

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