Hints and Hacks

Hints and Hacks: Bohemian Rhapsody

Today’s post is all about the comfortable, easy Bohemian style. Whether it’s in the form of a shirtdress, sandals, candles, or pillows, Bohemian style lends itself well to the hot summer months and to relaxed style. Here are a few of my picks for your closet and your home!


For your closet



You can’t miss with blush tones, natural stones, and comfy textures. If you’re shy about the trend, try a swipe of mauve eyeshadow and a little fringe, and if you’re feeling bolder, make it a fringed jacket and add a headpiece!


For your home



Bohemian decor is a little more difficult to pull off – take things slow by adding a quirky lamp or throw to an otherwise mostly neutral palette. If you want even more drama, add a wild rug, floral candle, or ottoman.


How do you wear/incorporate the Bohemian style into your life?

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