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Hints and Hacks: Going Green

Thanks for bearing with the lack of posts lately – things have been wild as classes are starting back up and I’m finally back in the groove!

Today’s post is all about going green – and not in the traditional sense. I love how green everything has gotten around here because of the incredible rain we’ve had this spring and summer, and thus, I’m inspired to incorporate a few green pieces into my wardrobe and decor. Take a look at some awesome emerald pieces for your closet and your home below!


For your closet



A little bit of emerald green goes a long way, but it looks universally gorgeous on every skin tone. If you’re shy about the shade, try a coat of nail polish or a ring to test it out. If you’re feeling bold, go for a cilantro cocktail dress, or wild heels like those above!


For your home



Jonathan Adler first inspired me to add green to my home decor, and it’s been one of the happiest design decisions I’ve ever made. I love the prep factor and the crispness of the shade, and it packs a punch without being overwhelming. If you want to go all out, pick up a club chair and end table or sofa (how gorgeous is the one above?), and if you’re still tentative, try a few pillows, a candle, or a decorative tray.


Hope you’re having an awesome Tuesday! How do you incorporate emerald into your day-to-day?

One thought on “Hints and Hacks: Going Green

  1. Absolutely gorgeous blog today! Emerald Green, such a very beautiful color, is an often forgotten one….both in fashions and home decor! Thanks for your clever ideas…xoxo


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