Hints and Hacks

Hints & Hacks: Basic Baubles

Today’s post is all about refreshing your daily go-to jewelry pieces. Whether you’re about feminine rosy gold, crisp silver, or classic gold, you’ll be sure to find inspiration here!

Of course, there are no rules, so mix and match, choose an armful of bangles or just a simple stud earring – it’s all up to your taste and style!



You can’t miss with these pretty and polished gold pieces. From simple geometric shapes to bedazzled and bedecked, these pieces will be your staples if you prefer gold-toned jewels. Go for shapes that allow the the vibrance of gold to shine through, such as faceted pieces or gem-laden items – you won’t regret all the sparkle!


Rose Gold


For all the ladies who find themselves drawn to all things feminine, these rose gold pieces are just what you’re looking for. Rose gold can be everything from edgy to elegant, and looks lovely on every skin tone. Give a couple of blushy-toned pieces a try if you’re looking to switch things up!




I’m personally drawn to icy silver pieces, like those above, over rose gold and gold. I love the sleekness and crispness of silver, white gold, or platinum pieces for everyday wear. Silver looks a bit more understated and clean, so it’s a great metal to mix with if you prefer a layered look. (Bonus points for mixing pave rose gold and silver together for a little extra sparkle!)

Let me know what you think!

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