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Love You More: The Importance of Date Night

The subject of date night has been on my heart as our weeks get busier and busier and it becomes easier and easier to use our time for housework, working, or spending time with friends and family. Without question, these things are crucial for a happy marriage, but more often than not, they’re not the crux of a happy marriage. Aside from church, which goes without saying for us, the crux, in my experience from 208 days of marriage, is date night.

Think about it: it’s where everything began for you as a couple, where you continue to celebrate major life moments like anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, etc. It’s a happy place for just the two of you to settle in and enjoy a movie, make a meal together, unplug from your day and just enjoy your relationship together.

Ergo, it makes complete sense that the status of your date nights together is a great indicator of your happiness factor in your marriage. By setting time aside for each other as often as you can, you’re telling your spouse how much you care about him or her, how important he or she is to you, and how much you value your time together.

On paper, this is a simple concept. Just plan the time, get gussied up, and get out to your favorite restaurant, right? Date night = success. Easy as that.

But in our experience, it’s one of the toughest things to do in our marriage. Because my hubby and I are both people pleasers and very much concerned with how our actions affect others, we’re constantly worrying about making time for our families and friends, working hard to be as productive as possible at work, and a million other tasks all the time, so when Friday or Saturday nights open up, it’s very easy for us to fill our time with those tasks to keep ourselves afloat.

All this brings me back to the point of this whole blog, which is that I think it’s paramount to make time for your spouse by way of date night every week. (Yes, every week!) No matter how much work you have to do or how many events are on your calendar, your marriage is more important than all that. Guaranteed.

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