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Geeking Out: Google Genomics

Yesterday, while hunting for tech articles in the afternoon post-lunch as I often do, I discovered the introductory page for Google Genomics. (And then I proceeded to absolutely geek out.) Google Genomics is the beautiful and powerful intersection of science, technology, and medicine; using BigQuery, Google Genomics allows bioinformaticians, researchers, and those who work in IT to conduct large-scale, in-depth, and detailed queries to obtain data that hasn’t been able to be obtained in such a simple way before.

Long story short: Google Genomics is going to change the way we approach science and technology, and for the better.

Those of you who want to geek out with me can check out more about Google Genomics here.

Those of you who would rather not get bogged down in the details (understandable!) can take a look at a few lovely tech accessories below!

geek out

Are you into Google Genomics? What tech items are must-haves for you?

Let me know what you think!

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