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Hints and Hacks: 18 Things Every Lady Should Keep at Her Desk

Inspired to get back to work on some exciting new projects for the summer, today’s post covers the 18 items every lady needs at her desk. I chose Kate Spade pieces because they suit so many aesthetics, but you’re welcome to interpret these items however you think will suit your style best!

for the office


1. Paperweight

You’d be surprised how many times you’ll actually use a paperweight at your desk, and what’s better than this gorgeous lead crystal polka dot weight?


2. Notepads

By now you know what a list-maker I am, so you understand how important notepads are to keep around. I love this pretty notepad set for its pop of bright color at your desk.


3. Cell Phone Case

You don’t necessarily have to keep this one at your desk, but as long as your phone is going to be out while you’re working (and be honest, you know it will be), it should be in something pretty that looks like it belongs on a lady’s desk. This flamingo case is bejeweled and bright, but you can choose whichever best suits your style.


4. Candle

Even if you don’t light it, there’s an air about having a gorgeous glossy candle at your desk. Choose a delicate floral, fruity, or spicy fragrance and a prim candle holder (preferably one with a mantra, such as Kate Spade’s “Be Dazzling”).


5. File Folders

Even in the world of technology and e-everything, you can’t quite escape the papers that make their way to your desk. So in order to keep everything in its place and looking polished, choose some file folders that complement your office decor.


6. Stationery

You never know when you might need to write a quick note of encouragement, thanks, or even a love note while you’re working, so you should never be without a pretty stationery set. I’m a sucker for the gold details and heavyweight paper goods Kate Spade creates, but I also love monogrammed sets for the everyday and every occasion.


7. Inspiration

Creative job or not, you need to keep some inspiration on hand at all times, and the Things We Love book is a great place to start. Packed to the brim with color, pattern, and adventure, it’s as inspiring as it is beautiful.


8. Tackle Box

If you choose to implement nothing else off this list, invest in an office tackle box like this one. Packed with push tacks, paperclips, binder clips, tape, erasers, pencils, note pads, and more, it’s sure to slide in the junk drawer you keep and will save you tons of time hunting through the staff supply closet.


9. Pens

I’m a proponent of pens over pencils any day, probably because I write fast and with much pressure that pencils just can’t stand up to, and thus, I’ve tried out just about every pen in any office store you can find. Look for something that looks sleek and is smudge-proof. You can even pick a few colored ink pens to color-code your lists!


10. Notebook

In the same way that I have to make lists with notepads at the desk, I have to keep a notebook with me for lists, thoughts, and inspiration while I’m on the go. Look for something small in size with lines so you can stay organized no matter what.


11. Makeup Pouch

Just like the tackle box of office supplies, you should have a personal tackle box as well. Enter the makeup pouch. Store your favorite lip balm, concealer, mascara, and other items you should keep at your fingertips (for instance, floss) in a punchy pouch like this one.


12. Mug

For coffee, tea, or your writing utensils, a prim mug just suits the office space. For me, the more colorful mug is the better choice because you can always find it easily in the shared spaces of the office and it’s notoriously yours.


13. Nesting Boxes

My precious parents just gifted me with these gorgeous nesting boxes, and I’m so excited to store all the knick knacks and paper items I want to keep safely out of sight in them. Whether they’re magnetic, hinged, colorful, or simple, you will find a way to use them in your office.


14. Perfume

If there’s one item I think everyone should have on them at all times, it’s perfume. Keep a rollerball of one of your favorite fragrances available so you can dot a drop on your wrists before that big meeting or lunch engagement, or so you can more seamlessly transition from work to play. Just be sure to choose a lighter fragrance so your perfume isn’t noticed in the office before you are!


15. Compact

Keep a lovely compact available for those situations when you need to touch up your lipstick or check to make sure you don’t have evidence of lunch in your teeth.


16. Coaster

What else will your cheerful mug rest on? Pick up a set of sparkly coasters (or make your own!) to put your beverages on and your desk will remain tidy no matter what.


17. Photo Frame

It’s the one inevitable item on your desk from the first moment you begin working: the picture frame. Do yourself a favor and purchase a sleek and beautiful frame with a timeless black and white photo so that everyone who takes a peek at your desk is impressed.


18. Vase

Last but certainly not least, keep a short round vase of fresh flowers on your desk as often as you can. Elegant, classic, and beautiful, you can keep anything from simple Baby’s Breath to rich peonies in your view. (Just be sure to ask if anyone has allergies to certain flowers if you share an office!)

What are your office must-haves?


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