Hints and Hacks

Hints & Hacks: Glam Bedroom Inspiration

Happy Saturday! Saturday for us means cleaning, and sometimes redecorating and rearranging, which gets me thinking and usually hungry for inspiration. I spent a little time putting together some pieces that will liven up even the simplest boudoir for the better, and there’s something to suit any style!


If your style is Vintage…



If you have a knack for all things with a vintage flair, take a look at this collection. I think a palette of gray-based plum, warm wheat gold, and a light silver-platinum make an excellent starting point for creating an opulent and beautiful boudoir. Look for pieces that hearken back to the olden years with sparkling accents, rich details, and pretty patterns. Finish everything off with a light vanilla fragrance and lovely plum colored flowers in an elegant vase, and you’re good to go!


If your style is Edgy…



I love the richness of the details in the edgy bedroom collection. Center your palette on jet black, crimson, and silvery white, and look for pieces with extravagant details, such as a crystal-embellished chandelier or velvet chair. Complement the suit with a variety of textures in the details, a yummy floral fragrance, and a few delicate pieces of art to lighten things up a bit.


If your style is Artsy



If you fawn over the Chihuly exhibit and can’t get enough color, this bedroom suit is for you. I love the brightness and crispness of this palette of bright orangey-red, tangerine, and fresh lemon because it lends a level of energy to the bedroom that is conducive to creativity and focus. Look for pieces that belong in the MOMA, such as a bubbly glass chandelier, a glossy pebble-shaped end table, lotus flower inspired seating, and a vibrant rug. Bonus points for accenting your art-inspired bedroom with pieces of blown glass or your favorite prints.


If your style is 70s Glam



70s by katy-long featuring a tufted chair

I can’t get enough of the opulent fabrics, sleek lines, and rich colors of the 70s, and I love the attention to detail. If you’ve got a thing for the 70s Glam look, choose pieces with metallic details and check out a palette of jet black, brassy gold, and cream. Texture is very important for the 70s glam bedroom; for instance, a sleek bed needs wild and woolly pillows, and a posh chair deserves a few sequins to push it over the top. Shop Jonathan Adler for other 70s inspired pieces if you really can’t get enough!


If your style is Feminine



If you want something girly and fresh for your bedroom, take a look at this collection. A palette of cool green, perfect lipstick pink, and blush serve as a wonderful foundation for a breezy and comfortable bedroom. Look for floral details, delicate embellishments, and fresh flowers to lighten up this suit. Bonus points for hiding your knick knacks in decorative dishes like the pretty green one above.


How do you like to revamp your bedroom when you’re bored with it?

Let me know what you think!

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