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Fuchsia Friday: 15 Beauty Products Every Girl Should Have

Happy Fuchsia Friday! Today I was cleaning out my makeup drawers and wondering what I could live without, which is never as much as I hope it is. As I worked through the drawers, I discovered there were a few essentials I know I would have to drop everything to replace if I ran out. Here are some beauty items I think every lady should have in her arsenal!





1. Hair Ties

Okay, good hair ties. I love these bright colors and soft material to hold my mane back when I’m getting ready in the morning, and I can say with certainty they don’t hurt at all, no matter the length or texture of your hair!


2. Light Eyeshadow

No, this isn’t an 80s throwback, but I do think every girl should have a light eyeshadow in her tool kit to use to highlight the inner corners of her eyes, her browbone, and just underneath her bottom lashes. Using light eyeshadow in this way makes you look awake and fresh, even if you’re working the graveyard shift or on your fifteenth cup of coffee.


3. Blush

I know all about contouring and bronzer and making your cheekbones appear otherworldly, but I think every gal should keep a pretty, rosy blush in her makeup bag. When you’re running behind in the morning, adding a little blush can liven up your complexion in a pinch, and if you invest in a long-wearing powder formula, it’ll last all day!


4. Highlighter

I absolutely think everyone looks lovely with a little glow, and highlighter in powder form is an excellent way to try it. You can sweep a little over your cheeks, down your nose, and over your cupid’s bow for a gorgeous finish every time.


5. Perfume

I’m not suggesting Chance Chanel for every gal, but I do think it’s important to have a signature fragrance that makes you feel pretty, polished, and put together. Chance Chanel is a great classic choice if you’re looking for a place to start! And don’t be afraid to ask for samples at your local beauty counters – the fragrances wear differently on everyone, so it’s important to seek out the middle and bottom notes in the fragrance before you buy to make sure you love it!


6. Lip Balm

Everyone – gentlemen included – should have a nice, buttery lip balm available at all times. This rose and nectarine fragrance is light and fresh, and the formula keeps chapped lips at bay with ease!


7. Brown Eyeliner

I’m all for the dramatic eyeliner in a variety of colors and formulas, but my favorite classic eye makeup staple is a medium brown eyeliner in a long-wearing gel formula. It looks beautiful on any skin tone and is easier on your delicate eye area.


8. Jet Black Mascara

You can’t go wrong with a few coats of some seriously dramatic mascara. I think every lady should a super black mascara to fall back on for everything from daily wear to black tie events.


9., 10., and 11. Classic Lip Colors

Every gal needs a blushy, pouty pink, a smooth nude, and a blue-toned cherry red lipstick in her beauty toolbox. If you never buy another shade in your life, keep these puppies on hand and you’ll have something to wear with any outfit!


12. Lip Scrub

Lush’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub is a must for everybody – it’s sweet and has a light oil that conditions your lips for hours and hours after you use it. Bonus: it’s all-natural, tastes like candy, and it’s cruelty-free!


13. Sunscreen

No matter your age, complexion, family history, or ability to tan, you should be wearing sunscreen daily on as much of your body as you can (definitely on your face!). Choose a lightweight formula that also conditions your skin and you can skip moisturizer if you like.


14. Hand Cream

Our hands take a lot throughout the day, and too many pumps of scrubbing shower gel or hand soap and your paws can look get seriously chapped and painful. Carry a heavy-duty hand cream like this one and combat the flakiness, itchiness, and splitting skin that any working gal can encounter.


15. Nail Polish

Every gal needs at least a clear coat and a pretty pink nail polish in her collection. Putting a coat of polish on your digits and toes is an easy way to refresh your look!

What are your beauty must-haves?

Let me know what you think!

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