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Gift Guide: For the Writer in Your Life

So happy to be back to our normal routines after our trip last week! While the hubs and I were away, it was wonderful to take a break from technology, taste the local flavors, and enjoy some absolutely breathtaking scenery. All this is to say I came back completely inspired and ready to tackle some new writing projects, and what better time to talk about some things I can’t live without when I write? Perhaps someone you know would love a few of these, or perhaps you’re looking for something to refresh your own work. Take a look at this gift guide for those folks in your life who love to write!


A Wonderful Notebook

What writer doesn’t want a lovely notebook to jot down lines, thoughts, dialogue, sketches, and the like? I love the arguably cliche Moleskine notebooks for their bright colors and variety of sizes. I keep a tiny green hardback notebook in my bag at all times for those bits of inspiration that I have to write down, and a big lavender soft cover notebook for my pre-thesis work, and I couldn’t imagine being without them!


A Comfortable Pen

Some of you may prefer pencil, but I can only use a pen when I write. I love the Inkjoy pens for their smooth, no-smudge ink and vibrant color. You know the pens that run out of ink in the middle of your fabulous paragraph of nonfiction / poetry / short story / novel? These pens are guaranteed not to do that. (#winning)


Ear Plugs

Something I can’t live without when I’m seriously writing (which, let’s be honest, should be 100% of the time) is a good set of earplugs. They help me keep out the distraction of my phone, a TV, or noisy apartmentmates so I can keep writing as long as I need to.


A Dictionary

As writers, we’re all about the perfect words, and what better resource to have on hand for this purpose than a dictionary? There’s something about poring over the pages (yes, actual pages, not web definitions) and bumping up against words you didn’t know you needed to use in your works.


A Thesaurus

Just like you should have a dictionary on hand, you should also keep a thesaurus available for inspiration and to keep your diction refreshed in your work. This is especially nice if you don’t already have one available.


Inspirational Works

Writing is not meaningful unless it is informed by other works and influenced by other writing, and thus, it’s crucial to keep a stack of inspirational materials at the ready before, during, and after your writing sessions. Something I’ve learned in my creative writing coursework is that you don’t necessarily need to read poetry to be inspired to write poetry; you can be inspired by the work you’re reading and translate that into your genre of choice.


A Planner

Keeping yourself on a regular writing schedule is half the battle, and thus, having a planner (and a plan) is a wonderful way to document your goals and motivate yourself to complete those pesky projects.


An Hourglass

I’ve mentioned this in my other posts, but I thoroughly believe in the power of the hourglass when you’re writing. Aside from the ability to avoid the terrible ticking clock in favor of the soft sound of sand, I love the hourglass’ ability to gently remind you when it’s time to take a snack / coffee / walking break from your work to stay sharp. Give this one a try!


If you’re a writer, what do you need to complete a project? Is there something I missed?

Let me know what you think!

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