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April Showers

As the rain continues this week, I find it difficult to find pieces in my wardrobe that are both pretty and practical, and perhaps few things are more trying than the breezy, rainy days of late spring.

Many gals default to the classics: regular old rain boots (or old shoes), dark clothes, simple trench coat, blasé blouse, and after wearing these or similar pieces for a few days, you quickly lose your zest for spring.

If you’re standing in your closet wondering what to wear during the last few rainy days of April and early May, take a look at some outfits that pack a punch of cheery and much-needed color for spring.

Ladylike With a Twist

Rainy Day Outfit


If you’re used to polished, feminine pieces on a day-to-day basis, this is the look for you when the weather gets icky. Warm, tropical shades ranging from lemon yellow to punchy coral are sure to keep your spirits up. I love mixing delicate, girly details (such as a nipped-in-the-waist skirt and jelly flats with bows) with polished punk pieces to keep things from getting too sweet (see the McQueen skull umbrella and spiked ring).


Utilitarian with Flair

Rainy Day Outfit


For all the ladies who have to trek to work no matter what, take a look at this gorgeous ensemble: the watercolor dress and chunky rain booties are offset by a unisex slicker and retro-feeling accessories. You can’t lose when fashion and function meet, and this outfit has it all, and all in the name of modern minimalism. This set is also a great choice for girls on the go because it’s quick to slip on, so you can make time for your latte before that 8 a.m. meeting without breaking a sweat.


Rainy Day Rocker Chic

Grunge Rainy Day


For the purely pragmatic, no frills ladies, this is the rainy day choice for you. It’s comfortable and cheeky, with luxe touches that balance the simple tee, jeans, and boots. Paired with a bright studded bag, lived-in leather jacket, and plum lipstick, the jewel tones take this outfit from so-so to stylish.


Dreamy Bohemian

dreamy bohemian


The creamy pastels and cool silvers in this look make this a beautiful and down-to-earth choice. As warm and comfortable as it is pretty, this look is a lovely rainy Saturday look that will suit any frame. Bonus points for the dreamy blue eyeshadow (yes, really!) and milky pink lip glaze, though the fringe is optional.


Perky and Preppy

Preppy and prim


There’s nothing wrong with bringing out your inner Elle Woods when the clouds start forming, as this outfit shows. I love the crispness of the gingham shift, the tightly tailored trench, and the kelly green accessories for an unexpected twist. Top it all off with bright pink lips, a frilly umbrella, an armful of delicate bracelets and a show-stopper cocktail ring (and perhaps a bun?), and you’re good to go. The vintage Chanel purse is over-the-top, but I love its sleek, feminine, and iconic shape with an outfit this ladylike.

How do you keep your cool when the weather goes haywire?

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