Hints and Hacks

Hints & Hacks – Jewelry Storage

I’m all about weekend projects that make your weekdays easier (and more fun), and there’s always one albatross for me in my house: jewelry. It never fails that I keep buying new pieces, but I struggle to find a place to display them, so they end up in clumps and piles, in their pretty dustcovers, unused and forgotten.

Needless to say, I’ve had to get creative with as much jewelry as I buy, but I have found some awesomely easy, pretty, and functional ways to story my baubles over the years.

Decorative Trays

For my every day or especially special to me pieces, I love a decorative tray. It’s lovely and makes it easy for me to find my everyday essentials. I love pairing my delicate jewels with my favorite perfumes, too, since it’s usually my last step before I leave the apartment.



Pin Boards + Pretty Stick Pins

I find that this is one of the best ways to store dangly earrings that tend to get twisted up in the bottom of a jewelry box or easily lose their mates. This is an simple and inexpensive way to store your jewels so you can find them quickly and wear them more often.


For bigger pieces like necklaces, I usually use two stick pins for a little more support.



Repurposed Glass

I love using these flower vases for holding my odd-to-store and bulky pieces. The shape of the glass in these vases lends itself to bangles and bracelets, but you can also use square, cylindrical, or other pieces to keep your statement pieces safe.



Mirrored Boxes

Mirrored boxes do a jewelry collection a world of good: they’re roomy, velvet-lined, and gentle on your jewels. The best part about picking a few mirrored boxes to add to your jewelry storage is that you can find a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and accents to suit any room in your house. Some of my favorite pieces I’ve found at Home Goods or TJMaxx because they’re a little bit odd or out-of-the-ordinary in their design, so take a look there if you want something special.



Open-Topped Jewelry Boxes

These open-topped jewelry boxes are great if you’re looking for jewelry storage in a drawer, but they’re pretty enough to sit atop your dresser for your daily use. The varying shape of the wells in the divider allow you to store pretty much any pieces you want, and the ring storage section is great for storing pesky stud earrings.



Acrylic Storage Pieces

I found this acrylic peg board at Crate and Barrel a few years back, and I haven’t been able to function without it since. The pegs gracefully hold everything from gorgeous, heavy necklaces and cocktail rings to delicate and long necklaces.



How do you store your bits and baubles?

Let me know what you think!

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