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Fuchsia Friday: Wedding Belles

With wedding season right around the corner and invitations flooding in, it’s easy to get discouraged when you’re standing in your closet thinking about all the different venues, times, and levels of formality of each wedding. Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you going as you return your RSVPs.


If you’re going to a Beach Wedding:

Lucky you! Beach weddings are all the fun of the traditional wedding with the added bonus of a beautiful, sunny, and perhaps even tropical destination. The key for dressing for the beach wedding is comfort: you may be trekking across sand, sitting it fold-up chairs on a beach, and the weather may be sticky and sweltering, so you need to come prepared.

A wonderful thing about dressing for a beach wedding is that you can get away with a lot of color. Think sunny, cheerful brights (and even neon accents!), flowy shapes, and casual sparkle. I love this gorgeous yellow maxi, these beachy accessories, and playful shell clutch that will suit the venue and keep you comfortable all day.

Beach Wedding



If you’re going to a Casual Wedding:

Dressing for this wedding is all about playful and tasteful color. Casual weddings can be traditional or not, inside or outside (or both!), and any time from 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. To create a put-together and polished ensemble, try pretty pastels, clean silhouettes, and dreamy accessories. Casual wedding attendees should stay away from heavy fabrics designed for evening, over-the-top baubles, and uncomfortable sky-high heels in favor of more delicate (and comfortable!) pieces.

Casual Wedding



If you’re going to an Evening Wedding:

What a dream! You get to glam it up and celebrate with a bride and groom who want something extra for their special day. Evening weddings are about the ambiance and elegance, so challenge yourself to choose something that’s a little out of the ordinary for you. Now’s the time to pull out that cocktail dress or evening gown that’s been gathering dust in your closet, and opt for rich, jewel-toned accessories. I love the teal-and-fuchsia combo below, but a classic LBD, LWD, or ruby red dress is always an excellent, classic choice.

Evening Wedding



What are your favorite wedding guest dressing tips and tricks?

Let me know what you think!

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