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Giddy for Grads!

Graduation season is upon us, and everyone deserves something special to celebrate their milestone achievements. Whether you’re shopping for a high school, college, grad school, law school, or med school graduate, here are some meaningful and lovely gift ideas.


High School

High School grads are all about possibility and their bright futures: colleges, careers, and meeting The One. Why not give your high school grad something she can cherish and use in her every day life? A bag is a great choice for this gal who’ll be devoted to toting her life around with her wherever she goes.


Take a look at this Monogrammed Reef Boat Tote. I’m partial to the sunny colors, customization, and Southern charm of this tough canvas bag.


I love this gorgeous resort tote for high school grads – it’s cheerful, polished, and preppy, and can hold up to carrying a laptop and textbooks to and from class each day.


You can’t lose with this cheeky and prim bag. The structure and shape are sharp, but the print is playful, which is the very essence of the high school grad.



College grads have been through the ringer and are ready for the real world, and thus need a little sparkly reminder of their hard work and accomplishments as they hunt for jobs and begin to work their way up in their careers. Try a nice piece of jewelry for College grads – I’m partial to a little right-hand ring bling – to add to their interview attire.


This ring is a lovely, classic choice that’s attention-getting in a professional and polished way. The sleek shape, warm gold, and cushion cut stone will complement any ensemble.


I love this choice for ladies who want a little edge in their daily wardrobes. The diamonds and gold are classic, but the black stone in the center is the real stunner that will shine at every work function, cocktail party, and any situation in between.


Opt for this show stopper if you want a bauble that will wow for years to come. The three stones showcase the College grad’s personality and remind her of the exciting future she has ahead of her.


Graduate School, Law School, or Medical School

This grad has sacrificed a lot to take another step closer to her dreams, so why not give her a post-grad boost through updated technology? She’ll be able to personalize it to her liking and choose to use it for her professional life or for fun.


Think about the iPad mini for this go-getter. Its compact size lends it well to portability and its numerous functions will help the Grad School grad seamlessly transition into her professional life.


This watch does it all, and in styles that are sure to suit your grad. For the gal who’s always on the go, this is an awesome choice.


The MacBook Air is never a bad choice for the lady who wants to do it all, plus it comes in a variety of sizes and configuration opportunities. It’s sleek, smart, and ready for anything – just like the Grad School grad.


Any Grad

Choose something personal. You’ll know your grad’s needs and style the best, but I always default to a classic, long-lasting piece of jewelry that’s monogrammed or engraved. This sterling silver cuff can stand up to daily wear and tear and suits any style.


What are your favorite gifts for grads?

Let me know what you think!

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